Types of Insurance in UK

Types of insurance in UK are divided into two major categories: Property cover, which protects both the property, and the people inside it, against loss; and Non-property cover, which protects against fire, theft and loss of cash.

Since the UK is an active country, people are prone to various types of accidents and mishaps. This makes it necessary for them to have a comprehensive insurance cover at their disposal which is helpful in providing help in case of emergency situations. This can be done by availing the services of insurance agents who provide various types of policies like car insurance, home insurance, etc.

In this era of rising global terrorism, one cannot expect their personal safety. No matter how much you have prepared your safety against these threats, it can be reduced at anytime as there are no guarantees in this world. In fact, most countries have laws and policies which protect their citizens from any fatal accidents not only in UK but also around the world.

How these insurances are helpful for citizens of UK

These types of Insurances  in Uk are helpful for the citizens:

1. Personal accidents insurance: When the person is involved in a personal accident, the company will pay for the medical expenses, loss of earnings and other damages caused by the accident.

2. Travel Insurance: A travel insurance policy covers all activities related to your trip, including airfare, hotel and tour costs, car rentals and any other excursions that you may need. The policy also covers you in case of an emergency or illness abroad.

3. Motor Insurance: If you have a car, it’s important that it is insured in case of an accident or theft or damage to your vehicle while on the road. There are many different types of motor insurance policies available and they cover different aspects of driving – liability cover, no claims discount and third party liability cover. Most policies require prior booking with your insurer to avoid any late cancellation fee charges should you cancel your policy at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances such as a breakdown or injury at work etc..