Softwares For Students – Complete Guide

Are you a student just like me? Well then you’ll agree when I say it’s hard to find time to finish your homework, study and still have time to hang out with friends. I’m sure you have heard a lot of websites that promise to make you smart in everything but really they are just taking your money. So instead of going for such options lets just create our own list of softwares for stdents where we could learn things without wasting the precious time in doing so.

Have you ever walked into an exam hall and felt kind of nervous? I’m sure you have. There could be a lot of reasons which is the subject matter, time constraint, the fear of failure, and so on. Well, if you are looking for a reliable and authentic guide to pass your examinations in a hassle free manner, then this article is meant for you.

Here is a list of softwares for students:

Microsoft Word: It is the most widely used word processing software. It is used for writing documents, letters and reports. The Microsoft Office Suite comes with Microsoft Word as its basic component. This software can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft.

Google Docs: This software helps you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. All these documents can be shared with other users who have access to Google Docs account. You need to sign up on Google Docs before using this software.

Camtasia Studio: Camtasia Studio is a screen recording and video editing tool which allows you to record video clips on your computer screen and edit them in order to create tutorials or other types of videos.

Audacity: Audacity is an open source audio editor that enables you to record audio tracks, mix and edit them easily without any difficulty. It is available for Windows as well as Mac OS X operating systems so that you can use it on your computer without any hassle.

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