Ph.D Scholarships

Basically scholarships are financial awards for the students to continue their studies.There are very common misconception about scholarships that only brilliant students can avail scholarships but it is not true. There are many types of scholarships and every person can avail easily.

Koc University Scholarships Fully Funded Turkey 2020/21

Koc University Scholarships Fully Funded Turkey 2020/21

Koc University Turkey announced Scholarships for MS, MBA, Masters, LLB, or Ph.D. in Turkey. Students for all over the world can apply for the scholarship programs. This scholarship award is fully funded, so those students who want to study in the Turkey (fully Funded) can now apply. Koc University is the Famous

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Types of Scholarships:

Merit Based Ph.D Scholarships

In this scholarship type, applicant can avail scholarship award on the basis on their Academic Excellence. If applicant has great grades then he/she can get easily.

Need-Based Ph.D Scholarships

This type of scholarship based on Financial needs and the purpose of this scholarship is to support financially to students for further studies. Normally Statement of Purpose (SOP) required in these types of schoalrships.

Student-Specific Ph.D Scholarships

In this type, scholarships offered for miniorities basically for engourging and support them.

Career-Specific Ph.D Scholarships

These scholarships are for those students who have plan to continue their studies in specific field. Such as Education and Nursing. 

College-Specific Ph.D Scholarships

 These scholarships are given on the basis of academic and personal achievement to the specific university/college and to specific brilliant students.

Athletic Ph.D Scholarships

These scholarships awarded to those extra ordinary students with exceptional skill in a sports.

Brand-Specific Ph.D Scholarships

These scholarships are sponsored by a brand that is trying to gain attention to their brand, or a cause.

Creative Contest Ph.D Scholarships

These scholarships given to those students who have new creative and innovative ideas.