Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowships 2020 Latest Scholarship

Nestle Nutrition Institute announced Research Training Fellowships For Masters Degree & Ph.D. Degree Holders. These Fellowships are for those students who have a Medical Field background. Moreover Only Developing countries students are eligible for this fellowship in Different Countries.

In addition, Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI) was established in 1981. The Main Goal of this Non-Profitable Association is to foster “Science for Better Nutrition”.

Also, Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI) offering fellowships for young talented students who want to pursue studies in the field of Mother and Child Health, Women’s Health and Nutrition Field. Only these courses are available at any Universities.

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Requirements & Eligibility for Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowships

Also Please check out the Requirements for this fellowship as follow.

  • Developing countries Medical student for this Fellowship in Different host countries
  • Host Training Countries are as follows.

Brazil, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Canada

  • The applicant should be a Masters’s Degree Holder or Ph.D. degree holder.
  • In addition, a Degree must be Affiliated with a Clinical or Academic Institution.
  • The application will be Rejected if you will not be in Your Home Country at the time of Application.
  • Your Updated CV.
  • Two Recommendation Letters. (One from your Employer as well as one from your Host University).
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Also Letter of Surety that Applicant will come back to home country after completion of Course.
  • Also, Those applicants also not eligible who lived one year or more than one year outside of your home country in the last 3 years.
  • The fellowship period will be 12 months.

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Benefits for Selected Applicants

Benefits and Financial support to applicants are as follow:

  • NNI will pay funds to selected applicants.
  • NNI medical Fellowships offer 40,000 CHF or $40,246 to Selected Applicants.
  • These Fellowships are Hosted by NNI.
  • Medical Insurance.

How You Can Apply

Firstly You need to complete all required documents then Applicant will Signup/Register on the Official website of the Nestle Nutrition Institute.

Secondly, You need to select your University and Course then go through the online Portal.

So Applications have to be Addressed Directly to the training sites. Therefore, the training sites submit the applications from selected candidates to the NNI. The NNI external Board of Advisors evaluates the applications and makes a decision for acceptance.

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  1. I have done my diploma in cardiology and wants to pursue further in research. Kindly give the necessary information

    1. Author

      please check out the details and also official link in the post.


  2. I am from Pakistan and did my fellowship in gynae obst want to know age limit as I am 46

  3. I’m 43 years old pharmacist who had bachelor of pharmacy as well as Diploma in Pharmacy also in Sri Lankan universities. I’m from Sri Lanka and working as a regulatory pharmacists in Government sector and involving Food supplements regulation in Sri Lanka
    Are there any posibilities to do my Masters from Pharmacy, Food and nutrition or Pharmaceutical regulatory affair with this fellowship program in any country..

  4. Hi bro, I’m interested please help me to apply, you what are procedures for applying.

  5. I am from pakistan. I want to study in New Zealand. I am also studying in Pakistan universities. I am doing a BS PROGRAM IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. So please give me a chance .I am very thankful to you.
    Thank you

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