Life Insurance Companies In UK – Complete Guide

Life insurance from highly rated companies – Need money in the event of a death? Get a life insurance quote online and save money on premiums. —Life insurance is a must for every UK resident! These days, even getting married, buying a property or going to college may not be enough reason to get a good job and provide yourself with more than just an income. Saving and investing money is important but it’s not always enough.

Life insurance has always been a big hit in the UK. This is because the life expectancy of people is increasing while at the same time their age is increasing. Life insurance can help you meet all your financial obligations after your passage.

Life insurance is a form of insurance that provides coverage against the risk of premature death. The benefit received is typically a lump sum of cash upon the insured’s death.

The beneficiary receives the payout, tax-free. The insured pays premiums, which can be paid in one sum or in installments, to the insurance company. The insurer makes a profit from investing these premiums and from other sources, such as mortality and morbidity.

List Life Insurance Companies In UK:

Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited:

Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited was established in 2002 as a subsidiary of Aegon N.V., one of the largest financial services providers in Europe and one of the largest life insurers in the world. It offers a range of products including traditional life insurance policies and annuities, enhanced annuities, long term care insurance policies, investment based income policies and retirement plans

Aviva Life Insurance Co Ltd:

Aviva has been in business since 1881 when it was founded by Thomas McCrum as a fire insurance company called British Fire Insurance Company Limited. In 1991 it acquired Norwich Union (now Aviva UK) and became Aviva plc which owns Aviva International Insurance Limited which is authorized.

Legal & General

A British multinational financial services company that provides insurance, banking, investments and asset management services in the UK and internationally. Its insurance arm offers life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection to individuals and businesses.

LV= Life Insurance

LV= stands for Lloyd’s insurer (Lloyds underwriters) and was founded in 1984 by the merger of Commercial Union Assurance Company Limited with the Victoria Assurance Company Limited. The company provides home insurance cover along with life insurance policies through its subsidiary LV Insurance Services Limited which has been trading since 2005 after being acquired from Zurich Financial Services AG (Zurich).

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