KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2020-2021
January 21, 2020

KAAD Scholarships announced for developing countries. Scholarships offering Masters and Ph.D. programs in almost all fields. Moreover, applicants with excellent academic records and with experience will be preferred. KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2020-2021 for International developing students.

So students have to interest to carry on their studies in Germany. KAAD scholarships offering scholarships every year for International students. The main reason behind these scholarships to create a relationship among the International countries. Also, complete details of scholarships are below.

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Eligibility for KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2020-2021

  • Applicants must be from a developing country or an emerging country. (Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America)
  • Students who have the interest to pursue their Masters or Ph.D. degree at any german institution.
  • Catholic Christian is welcome to apply as well. (especially from the Middle East)
  • Candidate has the ability to learn the German language.
  • Documents:
    • All previous educational certificates/degrees.
    • Also, you can submit your awards. (optional)
    • Motivational letter as well as Statement of purpose (SOP) in which you need to mention your area of interest.
    • Two reference letters from University Professors. (including their names and email address.
    • 2 passport size pictures as well as passport first page.
  • Age Limit for KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2020-2021.
    • 30 years age limit for Masters program.
    • 35 years for Ph.D. applicants.
  • Professional Experience required as well with employer letter or experience letter with employer details.

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Africa (KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2020-2021)

KAAD program for sub-Saharan Africa is organized towards the growth of African countries and societies as well as the development of qualified individuals.
Also, Young university graduates, who have already taken over responsibility in church and society. Also, Beneficiaries of KAAD-scholarships are predominantly from needy families and display academic excellence. The ultimate aim of our scholarship policy is the promotion of the so-called “Agents of Change”.

The focus countries in Africa today are Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Uganda and Tanzania are counted to be part of the focus region, East Africa, apart from Kenya. There are four Partner Committees which are also responsible for the adjoining countries of the above mentioned.

In the focus countries Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, there is – within the S1-programme – also the possibility for Master-scholarships at local universities (so-called “in-country scholarships”). The in-country scholars together with the alumni are convening in local KAAD-networks that aim at making an impact in the church and society of their home countries.


KAAD has a long history of working in Asia, a continent characterized by dynamic changes in its economy, societies, cultures, and also religious matters.
Countries of major focus are Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

Currently one can observe a generational transition in the fields of politics and the economy in many Asian countries. This process should be accompanied by universities and also the Church. Such measures should be understood as acts of friendly cooperation between the German and Asian societies and churches.

In Asia, the main focus of our work is supporting key multipliers in selected academic fields and we are guided by the idea of setting up networks. One aspect is the development of new forms of financial cooperation in some of our partner countries. “Memoranda of Understanding” were signed with universities in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. We also cooperate with selected partner institutions in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. In Korea, a foundation was set up by KAAD-alumni in order to finance additional scholarships for Asian students.

Latin America

The main goal of Latin America engagement is setting up a network of Catholic scientists/academics and institutions of higher learning. KAAD aims at fostering international academic exchange and close cooperation between the Latin American and German churches. At the same time, KAAD understands its scholarship program as a contribution to strengthening civil society and to the “Option for the Poor” of Latin American churches. Countries of major focus are Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

KAAD is firmly rooted in the academic and church lives of many countries. Therefore, KAAD-Alumni is involved in social projects, organize academic seminars, and publish their own journals. Through such activities, highly-qualified and socially conscious laypeople guarantee that KAAD is actively present in Latin American societies and regional churches.

Near and Middle East (incl. North Africa)

Countries of the focus of our scholarship programs for post-graduate academics are Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel, and Syria. Medical doctors, please note: As a matter of principle, KAAD does not sponsor long-term specialization programs (Facharztausbildungen) in Germany.

In 2015 KAAD has also started granting scholarships for Master studies at universities in Lebanon and Jordan. In addition to this, KAAD offers postgraduate qualification opportunities in the framework of its Third Country Scholarship Program for Refugees and Host Country Experts addressing the challenges of the regional refugee crisis. The program is open to Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Jordanian applicants.

How to Apply for KAAD Scholarships in Germany 2020-2021

You need to submit an application for September intake by 30th June 2020. Also, check out the following official link for complete details.

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  1. Dear concern
    Kindly inform me about following courses

    Courses offered in Finance , data sciences or predictive or business analytics ?


    1. hello sir,
      yes, please visit the scholarship page for New Zealand, Holland, and the UK scholarship programs. IELTS required in all these.

  2. My name is John P. Gomez from Gambia West Africa. I am a christian and a catholic as well. I just want to confirm because from the list of countries, i have not seen my countrys name. I am interested in pursuing a phd if allowed and the granted the opportunity. Am i legible to apply? Hoping to hear from you soonest.
    Thank you.

  3. I am from Nigeria, want to pursue my M.Sc in Hydrographic Surveying, but my country is not among the eligible country. Any help on this sir?

  4. hello sir,
    am stella from Uganda. i have just graduated this year from my Bachelors, is it possible for me to apply because i do not have enough experience yet but age is OK

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