What is Internship? 

Internship is basically a limited time period of work experience by an organisation or institution. Internships are undertaken by students and graduates who are looking to gain relevant field skills and experience in a specific field.

Fauji Fertilizer Company Trainees Program

Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) Management Trainees Program 2020

Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) Management Trainees Program 2020-2021 applications are now open. All fresh graduates, chemists are inviting to join the management trainee program 2020. These Fauji Fertilizer Company Trainees Program vacancies available all over Pakistan. In addition, eligible candidates can apply online with online NTS Fertilizer test scores. Those

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Types of Internship

There are several types of Internships, which are depends on the Orgranisation/Institution.


These interships are very commom internships. Bascially in these internships organisations also give stipend to the Internee during the time period. 

Work research, virtual research (graduation) or dissertation:

This type of internship mostly done by those students who are in his/her final year of studies. In this internship students does research projects for specific instittution/organisation. (Its also paid or sometimes un-paid).


Unpaid Internship

These internships are unpaid, students gain knowlege about their related field. Normally these scholarships offered by non-profitable organisation.

Partially-paid internships

These internships are partialy paid. Sometimes companies offered for stipend (fixed amount) or sometimes its unpaid. It is depend on the organisation position.