Insurance companies in UK

Insurance companies in UK is an industry that is extremely important for the growth of your business. A healthy insurance business can give you a competitive edge over your competitors, and help you to protect your assets and promote good health. You may be self-employed or work for an organization; whatever be your status, choosing an insurance company with which you feel comfortable should be at the very top of your list when it comes to building your real estate business.


There are insurance companies in UK. These companies provide various kinds of insurance and most importantly they provide the services that help the customers to cover their risks, such as health and life insurance, business insurance and so on. But before you choose one insurance company you need to make sure that it can offer the best services.

The UK is the home of some of the most leading insurance companies in UK. We take a look at 8 of these insurance giants and their current status, which provide an insight into their past, present and future.

In the UK, several leading insurance companies operate to meet your needs. These include RSA Insurance Group Ltd, Aviva plc, AXA Group and various others.

Insurance industry in UK

The insurance industry is a major part of the UK economy, with £1.2 trillion worth of premiums paid out in 2016/17. The industry employs over 1.5 million people, who earn around £1.8 billion each year from their work.

How it can be helpful

Insurance companies in UK have been providing outstanding services to the citizens for years now. They have made it possible for people to protect themselves against losses and expenses that may occur in future due to accidents or sicknesses. Being a part of a group of insurance companies helps them achieve greater heights as compared to individual insurance companies.