Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships
December 17, 2019

Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships now announced now. Therefore, these scholarships are for Canadian citizens and for International Citizens. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation offering scholarships for Ph.D. Programmes in CANADA.

Canada Trudeau Foundation Scholarships offering Doctoral Programmes in only Specific Fields. So this scholarship program divided into three (3) years. Every Year has its own worth.

The Foundation is accepting only those applicants who have the ability to think wider and have the ability to act as Leaders in the Future. In addition, Scholars can work in the form of a stipend. There is no any Discrimination in terms of Language, Sex, Ethnicity, and region.

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Each University has its own Deadline, So please apply according to that.

Details Requirments of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship will last for 3 years.

In the First Year, the Applicant will get Compulsory leadership program cycle Technology & Ethics. Leadership Training by Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Mentors. Universities will take place in different Territories, Provinces, and Foreign Countries.

Also in the Second Year, Scholarships will work with their Mentors and take participate in different conferences in Public, nonpublic private sectors.

In the Third year (3rd year), In the third and final year of Programme Scholarships will continuously work with their mentors as well as also SHARE their knowledge in the form of Book Publishing or other ways.

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The following are the Requirements for Doctoral Scholarships.

  1. You must have Academic excellence.
  2. Master’s Degree with Excellent Grades.
  3. Research Studies in the Same field.
  4. Leadership Expertise and abilities.
  5. English Language skills requirements are not defined by the Foundation.
  6. You must ready to Accept the studies in Humanities or Social Sciences.
  7. Foundation’s 4 themes for Doctoral Work: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, People and their Natural Environment, Canada and the World.
  8. International and Canadian Citizens are also Eligible.
  9. You will need to Submit one research progress report per year.

Above all requirements are from Canada Trudeau Foundation.

Selection Process:

  • Firstly, You can Apply through your university Internal Selection Process with the help of the Foundation’s Application Portal.
  • If University chooses you for the Scholarship Program then your application will be forwarded to PETF.
  • After that, the Selection Committee calls the Selected applicants for Interview.

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Award Benefits:

The following are the benefits for scholars.

  • Tuition Fees and Accommodation Expenses will be $40,000 per year for three years.
  • Leadership Training for Scholars.
  • Membership in Mentors and in other communities.
  • Research and Travel Allowance will be $20,000/year for three years.

How you can Apply:

  1. So Go through a university’s internal selection process using the Foundation’s application portal.
  2. After selection University forward your application to PETF for further process.

For Complete Details and Application Process, please visit the Official Website.

Please click on the following button to check out all further details.

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