Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships
January 4, 2020

Aga Khan Foundation announced scholarships for International students. These scholarships are only for developing countries. Also, a list of the eligible countries is mentioned below. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships 2020 offers Masters and Ph.D. research programs.

In addition, AKF was founded in 1967. It is a private non-profitable organization. The main areas of the Aga Khan Foundation are Health, Education, Rural development.

These scholarships are available internationally for developing countries. So those students who are willing to continue their Masters or Ph.D. research through AKF can apply now.

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The following are the details and requirements of AKF scholarships.

  • Scholarships are granted on a 50% loan and 50% award basis by a contentious application process.
  • The purpose of these scholarships to support financially for education.
  • Applicants for a master’s program will be preferred as well as the Ph.D. program’s applicant can also apply.
  • Extra-curricular interests as well as Consistently excellent academic records.
  • Genuine financial needs.
  • The applicant resides in the USA, Canada, France, Portuga, and the UK can also apply.
  • Age: There is no age limit but AKF gives priority to those who will be under 30 years.
  • The updated CV also required.
  • Related documents as well as reference letters.
  • Motivational letter. (optional)

Target Countries for Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships 2020

The following are the Eligible countries for the Aga Khan Foundation scholarship.

  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Afghanistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Mozambique
  • Madagascar
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Egypt
  • Syria
  • Kyrgyzstan

Above all are the eligible countries for AKF scholarships.

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Scholarship Awards for Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships 2020

Check out also the Scholarship awards, benefits for the selected applicants.

  • Medical for selected students.
  • Fully funded for a master’s program.
  • For the Ph.D. program, the first two years will be awarded.

How to Apply.

The applicant can get application forms from Aga Khan Foundation, Aga Khan Education Board or from Aga Khan Education Services. But you need to contact AKF in your country (countries mentioned above). And also after filling the form, you need to return in the same office from where you get the form. So submit your application form by 31st March 2020.

Please visit also the official website and official advertisement of the Aga Khan Foundation.

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